About MSCC

Medical Scientific and Chemicals Corporation is one of the leading companies in Jordan since 1983.
For many years we have supplied the Jordanian and Middle East market with a wide range of Laboratory, Industrial, health, teaching and research different needs of Chemicals with wide range of purity and grades, laboratory equipments, Industrial Instruments, Disposables, Glassware, Plastic ware and lab furniture.

MSCC main sales lines

  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics field.
  • Food Industries.
  • Dairy Industries.
  • Educational and research field.

MSCC sales support methods

  • Sales, technical and consultation visits to clients.
  • Distribution of manufacturer's catalogues and arranging for workshops.
  • Mailing, advertising and active market communications.
  • Technical specialists upon customer's service when required.
  • Sales staff creates promotional materials, set up sales appointments, arrange meeting space and check market needs via indoor and out door sales.

MSCC after-sales service

  • Sales and technical professionals do the periodic or as required maintenance and repair of equipments during and after the warranty period.
  • Take feedback of the products and services from the customers.